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Printed Circuit Board Repair

Ensil Canada Ltd. has the required technical expertise, facilities and the advanced test and diagnostics equipment to diagnose and repair complex electronic assemblies found in communication, industrial, medical, mainframe, aerospace and military industries. Our technical staff are fully trained to diagnose and repair electronic products such as printed circuit boards (PCB), power supplies, displays, drives and controllers.

Electronics Rework

At Ensil pcb repair depot we are aware that non-conforming production runs can be costly and time-consuming which can cause millions of dollars in financial loss. Ensil provides rapid and cost-effective rework solutions for numerous electronic OEMs here at home, overseas and for the end users. Our engineering lab is fully equipped with numerous BGA rework systems operated by highly trained technical teams. This system is complemented by modern X-Ray equipment and visual aids that can magnify up to 2000X; easily detecting any shorts circuit or voids.

As an IPC training facility and contract manufacturer, Ensil has a distinct advantage of having trained technical staff to the latest technical and engineering specifications. At Ensil, IPC instructors supervise all rework procedures and help to ensure precise removal and placement for each and every required electronic component. Our IPC procedures, complemented by our ISO 9001-2000 quality system guarantees dependable and highly reliable rework service each and every time.

We invite you to visit us at our Electronics Repair Depot and Technology Center in Markham, Ontario.

Testing Services

Ensil can offer a full range of testing services covering in-circuit test (ATE), functional and full system testing of your electronic products and assemblies. Ensil places a high priority on test and measurement to ensure that your contract requirements are met and your product reliability is maintained. Developing your test strategy with you is part of our diagnistic service and your project inspection and test records can also be provided as part of our support for each of your customers.

Inspection System

In a world where array packages are increasingly contributing to higher density requirements of circuit boards, Ensil Canada Ltd. has invested in new inspection systems that enable us to check the integrity of terminations hidden beneath area array component packages, such as ball grid arrays (BGAs) and chip scale packages (CSPs), as well as those beneath flip-chip bare dice.

Our labs are equipped with inspection systems that can perform sophisticated correlations and movements in real-time in order to provide revealing views of hidden solder joints on electronic surface mount circuit board or internal views of the new generations of chip packages such as CSP and BGA. These systems allow us to orbit around an area of interest under the direction of simple hand movements. The motion controller translates these to three sets of synchronized motion that sets the PCB or chip area of interest in the right position, while keeping it close against the X-ray source on one side and moving the imaging system as needed on the other. This level of flexibility and precision gives us the capability to handle most inspection requests encompassing.

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Ensil Canada Ltd. focuses on enhancing mission critical technologies in the areas of aerospace, defence, industrial and medical. Ensil Canada Ltd. mission is to develop a new technology and improve the existing technology thru the in-house research.

Medical Research

• April 24, 2007 - Toronto, Canada
Ensil Canada Ltd. announced today that it has entered into a medical research and development partnership with a major Canadian University in Ontario, Canada. Ensil's scientific staff will co-locate with academic faculty staff of the university to continue promising medical research that has been proven by small scale initial experimentation and validation.

Farsad Kiani, President and CEO of Ensil Canada Ltd. said, “This is an excellent partnership. University staff is being updated by the newer commercial instrumentation innovations in the area of chemicals and proteins detection through urine with the technology developed by Ensil. Ensil benefits by the guidance and oversight of world class academics to further explore the scientific possibilities of this innovation.”

• November 02, 2007 - Toronto, Canada
Ensil Canada Ltd. announced today the validation of a 5 minute, non invasive HIV test at its laboratories in Ontario Canada.

“After several years of scientific and biomedical laboratory experiments by Ensil, we are extremely proud to make this announcement” said Farsad Kiani, Chief Executive Officer of Ensil Canada Ltd. Mr. Kiani continued, “When Ensil Canada Ltd. diagnostic device is put on the market, high risk groups may get tested at more convenient locations as a do it yourself, cost effective way to test and receive their own test results in strictest confidence.”

Chief Scientist and the Lead Project CSO added after the successful biomedical experiments with the antibody to HIV gp41 Ensil will try to validate the same results with gp120 so a wide range of HIV strain could be detected.

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contract manufacturer


Ensil Canada Ltd. Prototyping and Manufacturing Divisions can manufacture your custom prototypes to the most critical IPC standards.

Ensil employs many different engineering disciplines such as Electrical, Mechanical, Computer and Software Engineers in house to ensure that prior to the manufacturing process your design meets the required quality. Post manufacturing and production finished product will meet final specifications.

Ensil's large in-house inventory of electronic components ensures that any required parts are always on hand. The resulting prototype can then be tested and inspected utilizing a range of sophisticated test equipment present within our labs.

To see how we can help you or if you have an upcoming project that you would like us to review for you, please contact us at info@ensil.ca with details of your requirements and one of our manufacturing engineers will contact you.

• Size of production run
• Delivery and turn-around time requirements
• Drawings and schematics
• Bill of materials (complete with part numbers and descriptions)
• Minimum quality standard (IPC-610B Class II unless otherwise stated)
• Required test procedures
• Sample assembly (if possible)

Electronics Outsourcing

Ensil manufactures anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products. If you are looking for a trusted partner for electronics outsourcing, Ensil can offer you excellent services.

Outsourcing to Ensil Canada Ltd gives you:
• Cost efficiency and greater flexibility
• Certified manufacturing partner
• Professional personnel with years of experience
• All required equipment

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IPC training
IPC Master Training As a nationally renown IPC Master Training site, Ensil Canada Ltd. can bring your electronic technicians up to an entirely new level of knowledge, skill and precision. Learning within a fully functional repair lab, our students experience real-life IPC applications across numerous technology sectors right before their eyes. Ensil Canada Ltd. offers a variety of IPC certifications to meet your changing needs. From learning acceptable methods of visual inspection to mastering soldering and rework skills, Ensil Canada Ltd. instructors can give your staff the skills they need to increase your production while reducing non-conformances.
IPC-610 certification The IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies Standard provides visual acceptance requirements for electronics and circuit board assembly. It is the most widely used standard published by the IPC with an international reputation as the source for end product acceptance criteria for products ranging from consumer electronics to high reliability printed wiring assemblies. The standard addresses the acceptability criteria for component mounting, mechanical assembly, component attachment, solder connections, laminate condition, jumper wire installation, cable/harness lacing, and many other visually inspectable attributes of electronic assemblies. This standard does not reference process or materials, and can be thought of as a big comprehensive picture book devoted to classifying assembly attributes as acceptable or not-acceptable.
IPC J-STD-001 certification The IPC J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Standard, sometimes called the National Soldering Standard, is the industry’s most widely recognized standard for electronics assembly. The standard prescribes the materials, methods, processes, and verification criteria for producing quality soldered connections. The standard, which is an industry consensus document, emphasizes process control methodologies in the assembly process. The J-STD-001, although not adopted by the Department of Defense (DOD), is being used as a replacement for the military assembly specification MIL-STD-2000.
IPC-7711/7721 certification The IPC-7711 Rework of Electronics Assemblies and IPC-7721 Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies Standards were developed to provide companies repair procedures. These standards prescribe the materials, methods, processes, and verification criteria for reworking and repairing printed wiring assemblies and printed wiring boards. The standards list step-by-step industry accepted procedures that may be used to complete rework or repair of plated through hole (pth), surface mount technology (SMT), printed circuit board laminate damage, plated through hole damage, and other complex tasks. Ideal candidates should have a background in electronic assembly, reasonable hand dexterity, and been tasked to conduct IPC-7711/7721 Operator Proficiency Certification Courses.
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Solutions for Electronic Military
and Aerospace Systems

Our company is a supplier of equipment and technical solutions for Military Communications, Command & Control and Electronic Warfare systems. The market dynamics of mergers and acquisitions has resulted in OEM data no longer being available. The company’s solution to this dilemma is Ensil’s Reverse Engineering expertise and experience.

We provide repair and rework of a wide range of military equipment. For more information please check the List of Defense Platforms supported by Ensil. Also you can find more information about our recent repair contracts here.

If an asset is available and there is partial (or even no) documentation available, Ensil’s engineering team can develop the drawings and ATP’s required to repair the asset and provide new builds. With our in-house test capabilities, we can subject these repairs to various testing conditions including altitude, temperature, shock, vibration and humidity to insure that this unit will operate under demanding conditions.

Let Ensil Reverse Engineering Program extend the operating life of your legacy and mature systems.

Contact info@ensil.ca for more information or you can visit us at our Electronic Circuit Board Repair and Technology Center in Markham, Ontario.
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